Ol’ Digi Guy

Ol’ Digi Guy

Old Digi guy4 years as a Digi Product Specialist change my life…

Getting paid to do something I had always done for free was a life changing experience.  Digidesign / Avid hired me to train end users as a product specialist on the many uses of  Pro Tools,  simple since it was a product I had used for years.  This page will be dedicated to links, Tips and tricks and basic knowledge I’ve collected over my years of  editing using Pro Tools.  I hope this is useful.


I no longer work for Avid so anything I say has no official barring on reality!


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The DUC:


This is a must visit.  Here you will have an open link to thousands of users who are discussing just the topic you need to study. Be carful there are some nuts here too.

CS Updates:


Here are updated version of Protools you need to install, Bugs Fixes etc…”as a side note always give CS updates a few days to settle in, you never know what fix causes other issues.:”

Compatibility & upgrade Info:


Pro Tools Compatibility Grids with Pro Tools Update and Upgrade Information

Where Can I Find the Latest Free Updates for my Pro Tools Version? Check the “Pro Tools Compatibility Grids — With Pro Tools Update & Upgrade Information” section below for your version of Pro Tools, OS, and audio interface. Then check the following page for the most recent updates available:

More Later:


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