Junior Golf Info

Company Overview

The growth in popularity of professional golf over the past decades has led to an increased awareness and interest of the professional sport from fans, universities, and clubs alike. Like any other prominent sport, an ever growing young generation of aspiring athletes has emerged for both pleasure and enjoyment of the game, but also for the pursuit of scholarship opportunities at universities and the chance to compete at a professional level. Because of the unique nature of an individual sport such as golf, reaching the level necessary to be recognized by universities and professional events means navigating a complex network of tournaments, club websites, entry forms, and tour schedules. In the past, this expensive and time consuming process has been completed by the athletes and supportive parents with the faithful hope that the tournaments they choose will be the right events to conjure the attention of university coaches, or to help excel their son or daughter towards a professional level.

JuniorGolfInfo.com was founded and designed to help athletes and parents organize and simplify this painstaking process while giving the athletes the best opportunity to compete as well as improve and showcase their skills. We create a network where players can easily plan, compare, and register for various tournaments in an organized, simple manor. In addition, players will also be able to scope out competition based on the knowledge of what tournaments competing players have registered in, while also gaining insight to what university coaches or scouts have been represented at different tournaments in previous years.


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