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Kurt Howell Productions:

Artiste Development: Find your direction, define your sound and advise options

Song writing: instruct and co write with artist and set up other writing opportunities in the song writing community

Recording: Produce your demo and or master recording,” That’s what I do best.”

Guidance / Advice: Wade you through the shark pool and advise you along the way.

Management Companies: Not all management company are the same,  this is a very major decision to make.

Recording Companies: Like Management companies, labels are not created equal, 30 years of experience help vastly here. If you even need one!

Technology: as you’ve read, my understanding of technology is second to none.

Reality Check: Everybody dreams, but reality is another thing.  Hard advise is paramount to your understanding your options.

What Kind of Music?

Country, Pop, Rock, Classical Pop, Comedy, Indi:

Listen to my music posted, you’ll see I can cover all styles.

Where this takes place:

On site direction: I can come to your studio, or city to work

Internet consulting:  I chat, Skype, constantly available

Nashville : Studio / Hotel etc….

What ever your passions are, Kurt Howell is the right choice to develop your dreams.  List to the music post and read the testimonials and see why countless artist has chosen Kurt Howell as their contention to the music industry.

If this sounds like the perfect fit, send me your music.  No promises, but I will listen!”



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