Pro Audio Consultation

Kurt Howell Pro Audio Consultant:

Kurt Howell Pro Audio Consultant can advise you on all your pro audio needs. Weather its updating your Pro Tools systems to discussing the best 500 series EQ and pre amp, I can advise you on outfitting your studio form door to door and you can take advantage of buying equipment from some of best retailers across the country.

Support: I will fully support your purchase and give you my 35 years of pro audio experience and expertise.

Installation: if you need a personal hand in installing your new equipment, I can do the install and training but installation is a different transaction and is taxable in certain states (TN), plus expenses.

Kurt Howell Pro Audio Consultant, “ Advise from one pro to another”.

Phone Number: 615-545-3934

*(If you live in a sales taxable state you would be responsible for reporting your local and state sales tax.)

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