Quotes from Contemporaries

– George Massenburg- Mega God

“I’ve only worked with a handful of guys that are aesthetic producers and masterful musicians and at the same time very much in command of the complex technology inherent in modern  music production.  Of those guys, Kurt Howell is in my mind the best there is.  And his adroit sense of humor is the icing on the cake.”

– Browning McCollum
Remote Engineer In Charge ii
Viacom Media Networks


“Having installed and upgraded software and hardware systems for years, I know that there are always pitfalls and gotchas with every kind of program and system. Because our position as facilities engineers demands we have a broad understanding of all of the systems in our facilities, routing, distribution, communication, networking, telecom, mixing and recording, having the expertise of someone like Kurt, who specializes in the recording area, was extremely valuable during our recent upgrade to HDX based Pro Tools 11 and our past installations of Pro Tools 9. Our mobile fleet alone supports 10 Pro Tools recorders ranging from 32 inputs all the way to 192 inputs, for a combined total of 1168 inputs. The experience and tool set that Kurt brings improves our system reliability and saves us time and trouble as we begin using the new systems to record multi-million dollar performances, hence the need for the most stable systems we can put into the field. If you are going to bet your future employment on your Pro Tools systems, I would recommend having Kurt Howell assist in your system deployment.”

– Jim Peterik – Grammy-winning songwriter  (“Eye of The Tiger”) and co-founder of the Ides of March and Survivor.

“I asked Kurt Howell to do a program a track for my new ‘Pride of Lions’ record (to be released all over Europe in November of this year). I knew he was the guy for the job because he used to blow my mind with the demos he did for me when he ruled the turf in Nashville. His demos always sounded like masters and usually beat the final cut. Well on the song I gave him he didn’t  disappoint- in fact he beat all my expectations. This cut is now looking like the single. He’s got the ear and “the touch”!

– John McFee (Guitarist, Doobie Brothers, Elvis Costello)

“I’ve had the chance to work with Kurt under a number of different circumstances over what is now a long period of time, and have developed quite a respect and appreciation for his talents. Not only does Kurt excel as a player, singer, and songwriter, but his studio skills have extended into every aspect of recording – producing, arranging, and engineering. His abilities as a Pro Tools operator alone put most of the engineers who pride themselves as Pro Tools adepts to shame – he’s incredibly quick at editing and the fact that he understands what’s going on musically makes everything easy.  He’s done some of the best production work I’ve heard in recent years, doing what I think a producer’s job really should be-making an artist sound as good as they can by overseeing song selection, arrangement, getting the best performances out of the artist and  getting it all recorded properly. All this, and he’s as nice of a person as you’ll ever meet and a pleasure to work with. I know that in the world of the music business this all may sound too good to be true, but Kurt is a rarity – hard working, honest, and with all the abilities I’ve mentioned here, for real.”

– Michael Person-Adams DJ, Remixer and Producer

“ Good thing bout Kurt is that there are a lot of good things about Kurt. He’s reliable, incredibly knowledgeable, gives you a straight down the line answer in regards to whatever you have him consulting on, and is an amazingly talented producer and keyboardist ”

–  Greg “Stryke” Chin DJ, Remixer and Producer

“ Kurt is one of those amazingly talented individuals whose talent is matched only by his humility.  I consider Kurt to be a mentor.  He has taught me so much not only in the creative arts (songwriting and engineering/mixing techniques), but also the art of talking and connecting with people.  He’s the real deal, a good friend and teacher ”

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